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Monday 6 November 2017

Drunken Prawns

I am joined by my little sister in the kitchen and we use fresh palmwine for a delicious drunken prawns dish. With the holiday season upon us, this is definitely one to add to the entertaining repertoire. 

Cucumber Boats

Who says you can't play with your food? I have fun making healthy and tasty cucumber boats in this video.

Kitchen Tip: How to clean wooden utensils properly

Wooden utensils can be a breeding ground for germs. I share a tried and tested way to ensure your wooden utensils are cleaned properly.

Garden Series: How To Plant Big Seeds

Here is a simple trick to improving germinating rates with seeds

Saturday 14 October 2017

Kitchen Hack: What to do with leftover lemons

There is a new video up on the YouTube channel....


Herby Tomatoes

When the garden gives you tons of tomatoes, you come up with different ways to enjoy them. My yellow pear tomato plants have finally stopped producing deliciously sweet fruit. Until the next season. We enjoyed popping them like candy but with the other lovely herbs growing in the garden, we also enjoyed them cooked gently.

In a hot pan, some olive oil. Chopped garlic. The tomatoes. Salt or a seasoning cube. Some pepper. Fresh herbs at the end. Cooked for just long enough for the tomatoes to blister. I especially like the flavor of fresh thyme and tomatoes. That's it. Simple and delicious. You can definitely use any kind of cherry or grape tomato for this and adjust the quantities of the ingredients to taste.