Tuesday, 29 April 2014

And I am baaaaaccckkk!!!!! Really back this time......

Its been an amazing time at Uzo's Food Labs and I admit I haven't had much time to blog. But I finally have a clone (lol) and all is well in the world and I can get back to blogging regularly.

So quick recap of some of the fun stuff I have been up to:
  • I started hosting the Friday Food segment on The Spot on EbonyLifeTV (channel 165 on DSTV bouquet) and its been an amazing journey.
  • Recreational cooking classes have started and I will share more details in posts to come
  • The Uzo's Food Labs website is under construction with lots of fab features that I cant wait to share but you know these things go. Best to keep quiet until its absolutely done in case my web designer disappears.
There are a few more exciting things in the works but until its signed, sealed and delivered, mums the word.

So here we go.....

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