Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Kitchen Tip

I am paranoid about germs and smells especially in the kitchen and i am always on the lookout for products to zap all imaginary germs and foul smells.

I discovered this tip by error. After squeezing tons of lemons for use for baking, i had all these squished lemons. My eyes caught my dishwashing liquid which is always lemon scented and i know that because of the acidic nature of lemons - they can be pretty harsh and strip oils from most surfaces. So i took the squished lemons and ran a whole bunch of them around my kitchen sink and left overnight. The next morning, the sink smelt so lemony fresh and once i rinsed off the lemony residue, the kitchen sink felt brand new - no slick oily aftermath of all the washing up and it was sooooo shiny.

This has become a ritual now in my kitchen and i usually will do this 2 -3 times a week. I have also discovered that 1 lemon cut in 2 halves will more than suffice.

Do not be tempted to try this tip on your aluminium or non-stick cookware - the lemons will corrode the surfaces and if you are like me and spend a pretty penny on quality cookware - there will be tears.

Happy experimenting!


  1. Hi Uzo. Thanks for the great tip. I've always spent so much on Kitchen Cleaners and Bleaches.. various brands - Mr. Muscle, Dettol etc. and yet I still don't feel completely satisfied.

    I'll certainly give your tip a shot. I wonder if I can do the same for the inside of my fridge? Do you think it would erode the material used in the fridge?

  2. Lomsie - most material in the fridge is plastic - so this can work. Just be sure to use a clean cloth or sponge to rinse down after a few hours or the next day

  3. Great tip, thank you!! I use lemons to get the oniony smell off my fingers after chopping up onions, but never thought of using them to get rid of other kitchen odours and germs. Will have to try it out today!