Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Early April - Garden Update

I am a little worried now that this new hobby of mine has become an obsession. However, this is one obsession that I figure will not hurt anyone - I mean there is virtually no space left in my house - but hey - who needs space.
It's exciting times in my garden with harvests and flowers and all things sprouting. At this point, the only cause for concern is my green zucchini pot. There are 2 plants in the pot producing lots of leaves and no flowers at all anymore. I am watching closely but just to be on the safe side, I have replanted directly in the ground and hope for better luck.
On to the updates:

Cylindra Beet ready to come out of the ground

These bean pods will be golden yellow when ready for harvest

Not really a fan of peas but I will be forced to make interesting things for the family as  these plants produce like mad

Swiss chard. I have been harvesting the outer leaves and adding to smoothies

Jalapeno pepper a few days away from harvest

Right on time and ready for harvest. My butter crunch lettuce is all done now so its good to have more lettuce ready

Okra pods. I have harvested quite a few pods so far

Giant spinach. This plant is spreading so much. I probably should have done research before planting

Sugar baby watermelon. So exciting. This variety of watermelon does not get as large as regular varieties ad even though it spreads, it has not been as scary as I thought

Early morning harvest: Butter crunch lettuce leaves, cylindra beet and forage premier kale

The okra plant produces this beautiful hibiscus looking flower which falls off to reveal an okra pod

Cucumber plant beginning to flower - all male flowers usually come through first - anxiously waiting the female flowers

Happy Gardening!!!

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