Tuesday, 28 April 2015

From Uzo's Food Labs - #Gardentotable

I cannot begin to explain how busy we are on this end. Its a good thing however, the blog has obviously not been updated in a bit - one of the reasons is we are working on getting www.uzosfoodlabs.com up and running which means migrating all the content on this blog to the new site as well as adding all the other sections to the new site.
One project that has taken off in ways I did not quite expect - the garden and produce has gone into over drive mode and we now offer straight from the ground harvests for sale. The demand for the organic produce and people using the hashtag #gardentotable on social media has been overwhelming. This means we are expanding the garden so we can offer tasting bags for pickup once a week. Here are a few of the orders we filled in the last few weeks. 

I was also very privileged to sit on a panel with some amazing women talking #redefiningfinance on April 26th. It was a wonderful experience and I dare say life changing for some women based on the feedback we received.

For more information on the garden and produce and if you just ant to say hey or ask me any questions, send an email to uzosfoodlabs@gmail.com


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  1. Loved reading this post! Its true that women are so exceptional! They need more exposure and people like you are doing it for sure