Saturday, 4 October 2014

Liquid Gold - Malt Syrup

I don't know where this insane idea came from. Okay. Let me see....

I got some low sugar non alcoholic malt drink from a friend who works at the company that makes the stuff. I like the intensity of this drink when it is very cold. It has caramel, nutty undertones and one day I thought I would play mad scientist and see what would happen if I intensified the flavor.

I got a can, emptied it into a sauce pan. Set it on high heat and just watched it. It began to thicken and look like motor oil. Like sludge. I stirred it a bit and tasted it. OMG. OMG. I was in absolute shock. This malt drink tasted like caramel on steroids but with some nuttiness and bitterness to balance it out. I let it reduce some more - total time on heat 25-30 minutes and turned the heat off.

What to do with this black gold? My taste buds were singing. My heart was beating so fast. I kid you not. I instantly rustled up some buttermilk pancakes and drenched them in this sludge. OMG. Then hubby who was as stunned as I was suggested drizzling some over vanilla ice cream.

By the time we were done, I was licking the bowl and he was licking the spoon. Then we both went for the sauce pan and took turns licking that as well. With comments like 'why are you licking your finger twice. Its supposed to be one lick per person'. I kid you not.

This is my secret - well not so secret syrup.

Try at your own risk. I guarantee you will act a fool but in a good way.


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  1. LOL, you have such a way with words, Uzo!! This is such an interesting food discovery, I have got to try it out 'soonest'! LOL.