Monday, 20 October 2014

Store Bought Salsa - From ordinary to pretty d***ned good

Have I said it before? I am not a food Nazi or a food purist. I am not one of those ít has to be homemade or I will surely lose my desire to live' kind of people and I definitely don't look down my nose at people that use convenience foods. If I do that, its probably because my nose is itching or something. Just a little caveat.
I will say though that some convenience foods need something extra- a little oomph to pass muster in my book. A little bit of this and a little bit of that and a can of something can be transformed into deliciousness.
A jar of pretty good medium salsa in my fridge. I get food gifts from friends and this jar of salsa was one of those gifts. A pretty good specialty salsa to be honest. But it lacked a little something for me.
I chopped up some spring onions/scallions - white and green parts, opened a small can of sweet corn and added some ground coriander. 
Stir everything together and serve with some corn chips. As simple as 1,2,3 but definitely not your average salsa.


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