Thursday, 22 January 2015

Gardening Series Update - Growth and a mishap and some headscratching stuff

Quite a lot has happened in my world in the past week.
My little man started school and I cried like I lost someone. Anyhoo. Milestone crossed. Along with a change to the daily schedule. There are simply not enough  hours in the day.
As I continue to learn about gardening everyday, I have had my first mishap. The pot with my kale plants fell and turned over and destroyed everything growing in the pot. I was absolutely gutted. I replanted some kale seeds and after a week and not a sign of a sprout, I have planted broccoli in the pot instead. So let's see how that does.
All in all, I am pretty excited about most things growing:

Zucchini - I used the largest pot I could find as these plants can be very aggressive growers. They grow very fast too

Scarlet Nantes Carrots - I am supposed to thin these out in the next few days

Sweetcorn  - I have 6 plants growing

Butter Crunch Lettuce - this is not doing very well and according to a few YouTube channels, I might have planted the seeds too close together as this kind of lettuce grows heads. I shall remove all but 2 of the plants and hope for better progress

Thyme & Garlic Chives - one of these plants doesn't belong here. Can you see it at the top? Its not a weed. I figure wind might have blown a seed into this pot. There is a similar one in my tomato plant pot. I shall watch and see what it turns out to be

Swiss Chard
Cherry Belle Radishes - this is a problem. The leaves are yellowing which might be a sign of insufficient sun. I have moved it out of the green house and thinned I out a bit. So fingers crossed

Copenhagen Market Cabbage

Golden Jubilee Tomato


Bunching Onions - these are also not doing as well. Only 2 shoots in-spite of plating abut 6. One of them is very sad and the other is hanging on for dear life

Rosemary & Oregano - these are also not growing as well as the other herbs. I still hope though

A few things not pictured: Broccoli, Beets and Parsnips which I planted in the last few days. My weekend project will be to plant a few more things.
So there you have it. My gardening project is interesting so far. Still enjoying it but very impatient and I cannot wait to harvest something other than my efinrin.

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