Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Happy New Year: Gardening Series 2 - Sprouting

Happy New Year!
I hope that this year brings as much of everything that you wish and work hard for.
Last year, I talked about starting a little garden at home - I am in love with the concept of 'from garden to table' and I believe we can all eat better and fresher produce. I also love the idea of introducing my son to the concept of watching things grow. Finally, if something dramatic happens in the world, it is good to know that I can grow food for my family to survive on (enter drama queen!!!)
I will give weekly updates on the progress of all the things I have planted as well as lessons learned seeing as I am learning as I go.
I started off planting sweetcorn. I really like corn and its a hardy plant to start with. It is recommended that you plant more seeds than the number of plants you intend to have. Some seeds may not germinate and you can always transplant or thin out the plants. I planted 4 holes with 2 corn seeds in each one. All of the seeds germinated and I had a total of 8 plants growing. This morning, I decided to transplant 4 of the plants so they wouldn't crowd each other out. Well I did it according to YouTube videos I had watched. All 4 transplants died instantly. Within 30 minutes, the leaves had wilted. So that is a bust. There is something called transplant shock to plants. Then again, I might have gotten the whole process wrong.

My cherry belle radishes are also doing well. Radishes mature very fast - 28-30 days so this will be my first harvest. Cherry belle radishes are cute and small and I love radishes in salads. I have a few ideas for pickling them with peppers as addition to sandwiches and things. So let us see how it goes.

Can you see the tiny sprouts? Ford Hook Swiss Chard. The aim of this whole project is to get my family eating more greens and there is nothing greener than Swiss Chard. I am very very excited about this as well as the Kale sprouting as well.

I should state that all the seeds I have are non-hybrid, non genetically modified seeds. I am using regular soil and making my organic fertilizer using egg shells and banana peels.

Here is to a productive 2015 filled with lots of great harvests.


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