Saturday, 14 March 2015

Garden Update - March 2015. Disaster + Progress

I cannot believe it has been 3 months since I started this wonderful journey. This month I suffered my first epic fail with my sweetcorn plants. However, every fail is a learning point.....
On to the updates:
Green zucchini plants: a rash of male flowers open and fall off. Apparently that is normal. Until the female flowers show up and get pollinated and bear fruit, the plant just keeps growing taller

This mystery plant is no longer a mystery. It is a sugar baby watermelon plant. I guess the wind must have blown a seed into this pot. It is thriving and has even started producing male and female flowers

Cilantro sprouts. These germinated very fast. Watching them keenly

These have such an amazing smell and I really cannot wait till they are ready for harvest to be added to sauces and other dishes

A new kid on the block. These are supposed to bear fruits that are not as large as what we are used to but with very sweet fruit

Golden jubilee tomato plant. This has begun producing yellow flowers which means fruits are not far behind

Hibiscus blooms

Rose blooms. These have such a heady scent especially in the evenings

The fail. The sweetcorn plants had ears of corn and sporadic kernels. This happens when there s incomplete pollination. Lesson learned: Plants should have very little space between them. I have replanted and I am keeping my fingers crossed for better luck next time.

Butter crunch lettuce - which I have started enjoying in salads

Cabbage plant. Still waiting for the head of cabbage to develop. Apparently the leaves can be used to make things like cabbage rolls

Trying my luck with cucumbers. They will need support as they develop vines that can be difficult to control

Thyme and garlic chives

The sugar baby watermelon flowers. The one with the swelling is a female flower that is only open one day in the season. I used a paintbrush to brush pollen from the male flower onto the female flower. Just in case

This variety of spinach is supposed to get really really big

I have never had kohlrabi before and I am looking forward to harvest

Jalapeno pepper plants flowering. Fruits should be close..

Chinese cabbage - Pak Choi

I love lettuce so it makes sense to have different kinds growing at the same time

White ribbed swiss chard

Snowball cauliflower
I bet there will be tons of updates next month. Happy planting!!!!

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