Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Smart Entertaining - Antipasti Platters

It is so easy to spend all the time in the kitchen or shuffling between your guests and the kitchen if you are having company over. An easy way to get around this is to assemble antipasti platters especially if it is a casual get together or a movie night or a girl's day in.
All you need is a nice platter that is big enough to hold all the various things you want to serve and you can get as creative as you can. You can use a extra large wooden chopping board or even a big square of unused tile.
These platters allow your guests to graze, make their own combinations and gives you time to play the hostess role and truly enjoy your event.
I suggest a nice mix for your platter - some vegetables, different kinds of deli meats, a carbohydrate component like bread or chips, some cheese and some kind of dip or sauce. You can even have 2 platters and designate one to fruits - different kinds of fruit and a sweet dipping sauce or syrup.
My platter below has: bread rolls, cheddar cheese cubes, smoked gouda cheese cubes, salami
 slices, smoked ham slices, cherry tomatoes, celery sticks, mixed bell pepper strips, olives and a dip made out with olive oil, black pepper, salt and paprika.

These platters also look pretty and photograph so well.


  1. Fab idea.
    Dunno if it will work with the health scare around town.
    Saved for family gatherings.
    Where can I get these plates please?

    1. This too shall pass :-) I got these in Atlanta and shipped them. I have not seen them here but I will keep a look out....

    2. Very nice , this is such a great idea, i always have relatives come over so i'll definitely be trying the platter .