Monday, 25 August 2014

Unpretty But Delicious Bacon, Tomato and Egg Sandwich

Sometimes when I am in a hurry, running late or really not in the mood to be fussy, I turn to sandwiches that are fast and easy to throw together. A lot of the time, the bottom line is getting my boys fed so I can put my feet up and when I am in that zone, I really just whizz around and while the results are tasty, the plates are not very pretty. This is one of my go-tos.
This sandwich also handles the issues I have with boiled eggs - dislike them. Have despised them since I was a child but better boiled than fried. Plus as a mom, I want my son to like everything and not pass on my little idiosyncrasies onto him. This sandwich disguises the boiled eggs pretty well.
You will need some mayonnaise (regular or low fat version. Sour cream and greek yogurt are good substitutes as well). Some good old fashioned yellow mustard adds some zing to the sandwich. You can use Dijon mustard if you prefer.
In a bowl, mash your hard boiled eggs and add the mayonnaise, mustard and some black pepper and mix well.
Bread rolls are my choice for sandwiches. Compact and cute. Please note that I just split the rolls with my hands - just because I did 'not want to and I thought it would waste time. Which makes no sense really. But makes sense in my world. Sooooo. You can toast the rolls if you like.
Grill or fry some bacon slices - turkey in this case and slice some tomatoes. Add some lettuce as well for a fresh bite. My boys will just pluck it out and toss far far away from their plates..
Now get down to putting this together. Tomato and bacon slices go first on one side of the roll. Spoon egg and condiment mix on top.

Close bun. Squish and serve to the hungry mob - members of the family who will not notice how unpretty this sandwich as long as there is enough to go round.